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Want home improvement and tool reviews, news, how-to’s and construction tips, all in one masterfully written comedic masterpiece? If so, you’ve come to the right place. www.sailorssocietywasc.org nails what’s useful and entertaining. We’re not afraid to talk about getting hammered, or even screwing. Frankly, it’s our job. Power tools are particularly revered here, for virtually every task (including simple jobs best done by hand). We’re also not above bribing you to read our site frequently with free tool giveaways. Tune in, pick up a few tips, find some great resources and hopefully have a laugh or two! Oh, and if you’re interested in Writing for Sailors Society WASC, reviewing great new tools and joining the cast of characters showcased below, please let us know.

Raymond Buckley

Nickname: Whether I like it or not, in tool journalist circles I’m usually just referred to as “Fresh”. Official Position: Sailors Society WASC’s Reporter Fixations: Accuracy and relevance, getting it just right; I call my process “sharpshooting”. Some questions only have one correct answer (or at least a best answer) despite a prevailing warm and fuzzy “everybody gets a trophy” mentality. I try to remember that in my project designs and in my tool testing. Favorite Tool: Chain saws, preferably battery powered, but I love my big gas hogs too. Worst DIY Job: A stubborn, after-hours drain clearing job at a fraternity house in Boulder that still haunts my olfactory system – best to skip any details. I also once watched my brand-new, state-of- the-art, European-made, battery-powered, brushless motor chain saw plunge into an irrigation ditch after being wrenched from my grip by a falling branch. With the bubbles marking its location quickly subsiding and me up in the tree, it was up to my intrepid gal to wade into the brisk November water to fish it out for me. After some emergency drying all was well (with the saw that is, my girlfriend still holds it against me). Moment of Glory: The congruity of craft and necessity that creates a small but satisfying triumph when using well-designed things. Bonus points if it’s something I designed and built with my own two hands. Fix it Mantra: Craftsmanship above all. It’s the one aspect that can be appreciated by all for ages unlike speed or a bargain price.


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